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T for Testosterone - T for Test

Testosterone is a Sex hormone present predominantly on Males. It is even present in females in lesser quantities. Having low or High levels of testosterone can cause multiple health issues in both, males and females. 

Low levels of Testosterone in males can cause the following complications:

Weak bones 

Loss of muscle mass  

Fertility Issues 

Formation of breast tissue 

Low sex drive 

Delayed Puberty in boys 

    In females, Higher levels of testosterone is an Issue. It causes problems as given below: 

    Excess growth of facial and body hair 

    Irregular menstrual cycles 

    Deepening of voice 

    Weight gain 

    What is a Testosterone test? 

    A testosterone test is usually done to calculate the total testosterone in the body. All it takes is a blood sample from an authorized lab to get your testosterone levels checked. Total testosterone that is calculated is further divided into two types: 

    Bioavailable Testosterone (Free and Albumin bound)  

    SHBG bound Testosterone 

    The test reports will determine if the individual has High or Low levels of Testosterone.  

    Why is testing for testosterone important? 

    As mentioned earlier, Low or High levels of testosterone can cause serious health issues in both males and females. Hence the test is important to diagnose if an Individual has high or low levels of testosterone and treat himself/herself based on the diagnosis. 

    When should one get tested?    

    If an Individual feels he/she has any of the above given symptoms they should get themselves tested, to avoid further complications due to Low or High levels of Testosterone.  


    Talking about testosterone is still considered taboo in our country. There are some serious health issues involved with High/Low T which needs to be addressed. People need to move away from preset notions and stop thinking about what others would think if they find out about there testosterone related issues.  

    Just as talking about issues like mental health is picking up steam in our country, people must come forward to talk about testosterone. Remember, testing for testosterone does not make you weak, not testing and facing health issues does.