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Andropique Natural Testosterone Booster

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Andropique® is a clinically-proven testosterone booster derived from Fenugreek. It enhances bio-available and free-testosterone within physiological limits, increasing your chances of meeting your fitness goals.

Product Description

Andropique is a natural testosterone booster that helps increase free and total testosterone levels within the permissible limits of the body. The active ingredient of Andropique "Standardized Fenugreek seed extract" is a naturally derived ingredient from Fenugreek (methi), extracted by a proprietary process.

Why should you be bothered about Testosterone levels?

Studies have shown that after the age of 30, testosterone levels in men may start declining. Improving testosterone levels in the body is the answer to the condition. Testosterone boosting can easily be achieved through a supplement like Andropique.

“Standardized” Fenugreek seed extract:

Fenugreek is a herb native to parts of Europe and Asia. It is found in abundance in India and is colloquially called “Methi”. The Fenugreek ingredient used in Andropique is transformed from fenugreek seeds to its highly purified form (Standardized Fenugreek seed extract), which makes sure that each dose of Andropique contains consistent amount of active ingredient that delivers best performance.To ensure product integrity and purity, each batch of fenugreek seeds used in making Andropique is tested with sophisticated DNA barcode based species authentication.


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