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If you are one of those, that believe your results to be way below expectations, despite a diligent and disciplined approach to both Exercise and Nutrition; would classify yourself as a non-responder to regular exercise and diligent eating; find others that have started working out around the same time as you, getting results that seem to evade you; then probably, the answer might lie in your hormone levels.

Not many people are aware just how much our bodies are ruled by hormones. When it comes to building muscles, the key hormones that play a distinctive role are your sex hormones – Testosterone & Estrogen.

When it comes to Testosterone, a normal range is a pretty wide range – from 300-900 ng/dl and Free Testosterone that is bio-available and not bound to any protein and thus inactive, is about 12-40 pg/ml (About 2% of Total Testosterone). Estrogen levels for an adult male should be between 10-60 pg/ml.

With this incredibly wide range; your levels could be in the normal range and thus physiologically, you could be fine, but they maybe sub-optimal from the point of view of changing body composition.

As an example, let’s say that your levels look somewhat like this:

Total Testosterone – 310 ng/dl

Free Testosterone – 14 pg/ml

Estrogen – 58 pg/ml

The above scenario puts the male in the normal range, but as you can see, the testosterone is at the lowest end of normal & estrogen is at the highest end of normal. This is a classic hormone level of a non-responder to diet and exercise. One cannot expect optimal utilization of protein for tissue synthesis at these sub-optimal levels that are termed as ‘normal’.

A male who may not need Andropique® should have sex hormone levels that look something like this:

Total Testosterone – 890 ng/dl

Free Testosterone – 39 pg/ml

Estrogen – 11 pg/ml

The above individual will be the one who responds beautifully to an optimal diet and consistent hard training. His testosterone & estrogen levels are normal, just like the earlier guy, but with one massive difference – testosterone is at the highest end of normal and estrogen is at the lowest end of normal.

When you have testosterone levels at the lower end of the normal spectrum & estrogen at the high end of the normal spectrum – That is when you know that you are the ideal candidate for therapy with Andropique®. Risking absolutely no side-effects, this plant extract will fully optimize your sex hormones. The therapy will successfully bring you from sub-optimal normal to optimal normal. It will achieve this without any detrimental effect on your physiology. The subsequent FAQ’s will cover the mechanism of work.

Note: Accredited Pathological Labs, can determine Testosterone (Total & Free) and Estrogen levels by a simple blood test. You may need a physician’s prescription to get yours done.

The following symptoms could be a glaring indicator of low testosterone levels. If you experience any of the below symptoms, then it would be worth the trouble to have your testosterone and estrogen levels checked.

  • Do you feel fatigued despite sleeping for hours at an end?
  • Are your energy levels low compared to what they were just a couple of years back?
  • Are you experiencing a decrease in libido, and/or erectile dysfunction?
  • Have you recently gone and checked your sperm count and found it to be below optimal for reproduction?
  • Are you experiencing bouts of depression and/or anxiety?
  • Are you experiencing an unexplained increase in bodyfat, despite no changes to diet or workout routine?

The above symptoms justify a need to be tested. If tests show a low level of testosterone; Do not panic – this is completely normal. There is enough scientific evidence out there that has proven that testosterone levels start decreasing rapidly after the age of 30. This is a normal biological event. But, when presented with a natural, safe and efficacious way of getting your depressed testosterone levels back to normal; why would one suffer through these symptoms? Under these circumstances, Andropique® becomes a very viable and efficacious solution.


Testosterone is an endogenously produced sex hormone. It is the predominant sex hormone in males and is responsible for the secondary sexual characteristics of males. The predominant female, sex hormone, estrogen, in a male are present, but minimal. Females have high levels of estrogen, which provide them with the secondary sexual characteristics of a female; even they have testosterone, but at minimal levels. This sex hormone distribution also provides males with the physical edge of carrying more skeletal muscle and thus on an average are physically stronger than females.

Many competitive athletes in physique sports and strength-oriented sports, understand this natural physical dominance that a male has over females and thus wish to get an edge over other males by ingesting or injecting synthetic derivatives of testosterone exogenously at supra-physiological levels. In fact, female athletes are also seen ingesting or injecting these synthetic Testosterone derivatives to increase strength, power and the ability to build muscle like men, often at the risk of masculinizing side effects.

This exogenous intake at supra-normal levels of synthetic derivatives of the male androgen Testosterone, is what is termed as ‘doping’ in Sports.

Andropique®, on the other hand is a natural plant extract from Fenugreek, that has therapeutic effects on optimizing Testosterone and Estrogen levels through its impact on enzymes that control endogenous Total & Free Testosterone levels.

It is not, in any way, an intake of exogenous androgens. On the contrary, it is an intake of bio-flavonoids extracted from a plant source such as Fenugreek, that optimizes, sub-optimal levels of Testosterone. It is correcting your bodies inability to make sufficient levels of Total & Free Testosterone and naturally allows the body to have Testosterone levels topped up to the highest levels of normalcy. You are simply using Andropique® to naturally enhance your sex hormone profile to the maximum level of normal for testosterone and the minimal level of normal, when it comes to estrogen.

It brings the sex hormones to the ideal levels for a male. Andropique® can only maximize testosterone levels to the maximum allowed by human male physiology, unlike doping with exogenous, synthetically derived, testosterone derivatives, which increase Testosterone way beyond physiological limits.

We once again reiterate, that, therapy with Andropique® cannot & should not be confused with the term doping.

Andropique® falls under the category of supplements called as Testosterone Boosters. This again can lead to them being misunderstood as Anabolic Steroids. Boosting Testosterone simply means bringing sub-par levels of Testosterone in a male to par. Anabolic Androgenic Steroids, are classified as pharmaceutical, Schedule-H drugs, that cannot be acquired legally without a physician’s prescription.

We hereby certify that no pharmaceutical drugs are used in Andropique®, to achieve this endogenous increase in testosterone. We hereby certify that special molecules cleaved off from an extract of the plant source Fenugreek is what causes these beneficial effects. This product is certified to be sold as a nutritional supplement over the counter, first in Canada and now in India by the national, govermental authorities governing Foods & Drugs, including Health Canada and the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).


We guarantee that. We believe that safety of a product is extremely critical for our customers. We have conducted detailed safety studies on Andropique® to ensure that you get the safest possible ingredients. If you are interested in knowing what the studies are, that we have conducted, please reach out to us here (link).

However, kindly note – this product is tested in healthy individuals, without any other pathologies except depressed or sub-optimal Testosterone Levels. If you are currently suffering from any other acute or chronic disorder and are on medication, then taking your physicians consent would be necessary and prudent, before embarking on a therapeutic protocol of Andropique®.

Andropique contains a proprietary extract of fenugreek seeds which are standardized to a certain marker compound. What this means, essentially, is that we have isolated molecules within the fenugreek seed which have shown significant activity within the male body, that lead to an increase in Total and Free Testosterone, while also having an effect at lowering estrogen levels. Do not confuse Andropique® with regular fenugreek ayurvedic products that are sold as a therapy for diabetes and inflammation. These fenugreek products do not have the molecules isolated and extracted for Andropique®. If you want to know more, you can reach out to us and have the scientific papers sent to you.

Correct. Fenugreek is an herb native to parts of Europe and Asia. It is found in abundance in India and is colloquially called “methi”. It is used as a flavouring agent in most of the dishes prepared in India or is also eaten whole as a green leafy vegetable.

However, beyond the kitchen, fenugreek has been researched in great detail since it has traditionally been known to have a lot of medicinal benefits. There is a huge body of evidence showing fenugreek’s effects on metabolic and inflammatory conditions. Andropique® is one of the few supplements that has invested significant amount of resources in determining the constituents of fenugreek responsible for the physiological activity of optimizing sex hormones in a male.

Fenugreek does have a characteristic odour and taste. Andropique® itself has a distinct odour since it is evolved through a series of proprietary isolation techniques. The distinct odour of Andropique® stands out and most likely, is an authentication of the fact that it is, in fact, Andropique.

Kindly note:

Ingesting whole Fenugreek (eating Methi, as a green leafy vegetable) cannot give you the Testosterone boosting benefits that Andropique® can, as the specific molecules that mimic an androgen and have anti-estrogenic properties have gone through isolation, standardization and extraction to make the special concentrated proprietary extract that you find in Andropique®.

Andropique® contains compounds that are extracted from Fenugreek (Methi); it is not Fenugreek (Methi).

Yes. Andropique® is derived from fenugreek and all the excipients used in the formulation are vegetarian and can be consumed by vegetarians. The capsules do not contain any synthetic ingredients and are 100% safe for consumption.

Take a single capsule of Andropique® every day, at least 30-60 minutes before a meal. It is advised that you continue the supplementation scheme for a period of 8 weeks to see optimum results on your strength and hormonal profile. Clinically, Andropique® has shown efficacy within 8 weeks. If you want advice on how to efficiently use your Andropique®, reach out to us.

The best bodybuilding diets will fail to provide results if you are hormonally challenged. Hence, if you are on the right ‘anabolically’ inclined diet; Andropique® supplementation will hugely benefit by enhancing protein synthesis.

Conversely, even an Andropique® therapy correcting the hormonal environment can do nothing if the diet is deficient in first-class proteins, has an excess of carbohydrates and lacks good fats.

Hope this clarifies, that results are optimal when correct hormonal status is complimented by correct nutrition. If your diet is already on track, then no further changes in diet are necessary to start therapy with Andropique®.

To know if you are on track with your diet; consult a qualified Sports Nutritionist.

Andropique is suggested for healthy males over 18 years of age without any medical conditions such as high blood pressure, kidney problems, and other diseases and health disorders. If you are on some medication, we encourage you to consult a healthcare practitioner before taking Andropique. Please read the label for further Risk Information.


Andropique® is completely legal and safe for consumption. If you are a professional playing a sport or engaged in any competitive activity, check the relevant sport authorities’ regulations in your own country to determine the rules of usage with regards to supplements in your sport.

We have conducted extensive safety studies on Andropique® and its proven to be safe. Andropique® is also clinically tested in a human clinical study for a period of 8 weeks. None of the subjects reported any side effects.

Andropique® does not contain any agent that could cause addiction. Andropique® consists of fenugreek seed extract which is clinically proven to improve testosterone levels within the body.

As we’ve mentioned, Andropique® does not contain any ingredient that could cause addiction. Andropique® is meant for supplementing your diet to improve your hormonal levels. You will not suffer from any withdrawals after you have stopped Andropique®. However, we recommend that you continue taking Andropique® to ensure that you always have healthy levels of testosterone.

Yes, you can! Whey protein is derived from milk and provides protein, which the body requires for muscle synthesis. Andropique® is derived from fenugreek and is an ingredient that ensures you have healthy levels of testosterone. Healthy levels of testosterone will ensure that your protein intake is not put to waste. Healthy levels of testosterone will enable greater and faster muscle synthesis if you are taking good quality whey protein. We’d recommend balancing Andropique® with good quantities of protein (any type of protein) since both these ingredients are complimentary and will accelerate muscle growth.

Good question. It is important to know what is the role of testosterone in the body before you take Andropique®. Knowledge of the hormone will help you understand how Andropique® will aid your body building goals.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone secreted by the Leydig cells of the testes. This hormone is responsible for the secondary sexual characteristics in males. The production of Testosterone is controlled by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus of the brain. Testosterone performs many physiological functions in the male body, such as:

• Normal growth and development of the male sex organs

• Maintenance of secondary sexual characteristics

• Development of hair

• Maintaining sex drive and sexual function

• Increasing muscle mass and muscle strength

• Regulating fat distribution

• Maintaining bone strength

• Regulating mood and energy levels

Testosterone is critical for all matters relating to the male body like bone strength, muscle synthesis and fat distribution. However, there is a lesser known fact of testosterone, which is key to understanding this fascinating hormone even more.  Testosterone, essentially, is found in the blood and appears in 3 principal forms:

  • Testosterone tightly bound to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) (~60%): This makes up about 60 percent of Total Testosterone. The Testosterone is irreversibly bound to SHBG (a serum protein) and hence cannot be released from SHBG. SHBG bound Testosterone is not physiologically active; thus, it is considered to be ‘not Bioavailable’. Hence, the testosterone bound to SHBG does not contribute to any of the testosterone functions, and is essentially ‘inactive’.
  • Testosterone weakly bound to albumin (~37-38%): This form of Testosterone is weakly bound to albumin (a serum protein) in the blood. It is thus reversible in nature and can be released from albumin. This testosterone, on release from albumin, can be physiologically active and is considered to be ‘Bioavailable’.
  • Free Testosterone or unbound Testosterone (~2-3%): This form of Testosterone is not attached to any protein. Free Testosterone is physiologically active and bioavailable for use by the body. Free testosterone travels throughout the bloodstream, and can bind to androgen receptors in the muscles, brain and other sex organs. The normal level of Free Testosterone ranges between 12-40 pg/ml. Free and albumin bound Testosterone are collectively known as ‘Bioavailable Testosterone’. The normal level of ‘Bioavailable Testosterone’ ranges from 83 to 257 ng/dL.

The Free Testosterone circulating in the body is responsible for androgenic (sex-related) and anabolic (growth-related) actions. Hence, it is the free testosterone in the blood that is performing all the functions and contributing to muscle growth, fat distribution and other male related functions. Hence, it is important to know what is the level of Free Testosterone in your body. Andropique® is clinically proven to increase free testosterone in the body to the maximum that human male physiology allows.

Andropique® will increase levels of free and total testosterone in your body, which will help you grow muscle faster and improve your body composition. You will feel greater energy while working out and will probably see greater power output while hitting those bench press sets. However, this is not a magic pill and you will have to work hard to get that muscle tone. Andropique®, if taken over a period of 8 weeks, will help you achieve your muscle building goals at the rate that matches your effort. Protein synthesis and thus hypertrophy will happen optimally.

It shouldn’t. It is a critical piece of puzzle we are still trying to solve – the human body. What we do know is that testosterone plays a critical role in many vital functions of the male body. It is essential to know these functions since you may be invariably suffering from certain symptoms which could be linked to deficiency in testosterone. Although testosterone as a concept is still being understood, there is a lot of scientific literature out there to check out. If you need a crash course on testosterone, reach out to us here.

Fair enough, since we have just entered the fitness landscape. We believe that you should be informed about our brand before you begin the Andropique® journey. We are currently available in Canada and India only. However, the active fenugreek ingredient in Andropique® has been available in the North American markets for the last 10 years. You can check out information on this ingredient by reaching out to us (link). If you still need a more personalized introduction to Andropique®, please feel free to write to us here and one of our technical staff will get in touch to explain the benefits of embarking on the Andropique® journey. If, after you have used Andropique®, you believe that Andropique® is not a fit for you, we’ll be happy to refund your entire money back.


Andropique® is not an anabolic steroid and will never be as potent as one. We do not claim to be a steroid or a substitute for steroids. Andropique® is meant for those who want to experience a journey to better health through hard work, diligence and focus on natural, long term supplementation. We are here to take you through a lifetime journey to seek fitness. We assure you that the ingredient is efficacious in the right doses over a 8 week period and also assure the safety of the product.

Andropique® will allow you to max out your physiological limit of Testosterone. Anabolic Steroids will break through and go way beyond physiological limits depending on the dosage used.

The above is the most objective way to understand why Anabolic Steroids will always yield better results than Andropique®.

But, this increased benefit of Anabolic Steroids comes at a cost; side effects such as increased blood pressure and thus a major risk of kidney damage, severe acne, gynaecomastia, male pattern balding, liver stress, impotence, erectile dysfunction due to a shut down of the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Testicular Axis.

Andropique® on the other hand optimises the Testosterone levels, taking them to the maximum that human physiology allows without any side effects. No cost for the benefit.

The choice is yours.

No. Andropique® has only been tested in male subjects and not females.

Andropique® has a significant impact on the predominant male sex hormone and hence, its effects on women, surely need to be assessed and analysed. We would not advise women to use this product.

We do not introduce products into the market which have not been clinically tested. However, we are developing products for female fitness enthusiasts like you. We’d anyways love to hear from ladies like you to improve our offerings to female health.

No problem. Check out our informational series called #ScienceofT with Mr. Kaizzad Capadia, noted fitness voice in India. In these series of videos he educates and debunks myths about testosterone. If you still have any questions which are unanswered, please write to and we will have Mr. Kaizzad Capadia answer your questions personally.